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infositeSince its inception in 1996, Infosite has grown into a leading supplier of software for the transportation industry with over 350 installations across North America.

Our products are sold with emphasis on the software’s flexibility to adapt to our customer’s needs versus the customer adapting to our product. Infosite’s philosophy is to provide feature-rich, powerful software that is easy to learn and use; designed for the person who knows the operations rather than the person who is a computer wizard.

Over the years, we have earned the reputation of listening and responding to our customers in a timely, professional manner. The products are priced to be competitive in their respective markets and innovative programs meet the needs of all customers from new start-up to well established operations.


A fully automated dispatch software for trucking industry, Dispatch-Mate handles everything from dispatching, invoicing, settlements and scheduling to administration. Dispatch-Mate interfaces with most other software essential to the industry, such as accounting, mileage, fuel cards, wireless driver communication and many others.

Dispatch-Mate offers all the features required by your business model:

3PL / Brokers
Commercial carriers of all types dealing in LTL or TL
Private fleets and freight forwarders
Intermodal, Auto-Haulers and other Specialized Fleets

DM MaintenanceDM Maintenance can be interfaced with the dispatching software or used as a standalone solution. With extensive user defined fields, this product can be easily adapted to any equipment requiring a maintenance program and is available at three levels depending on your size or needs:

P.M.P.: For companies requiring preventative maintenance but outsource the actual servicing of the fleet.
Private Garages: For companies handling their own maintenance and servicing of vehicles.
Commercial Garages: For companies with multiple locations handling both their own service and that of external clients.

DM Warehousing Designed as an affordable 3rd party warehousing product for small to mid-size companies needing the features included in an expensive, extensive WMS product.
Interfaces include Web inventory and order release as well as barcode scanning and EDI capabilities.

For more information on us and our products, you can visit our website at or contact us by phone at 1-888-395-0354.

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