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What is the J D Guarantee?

The J D Guarantee is an enhanced feature available for the exclusive use of Load Surfer members and identifies loads that are pre-approved for factoring by J D Factors. Pre-approved loads are indicated by the presence of a green “money bag” icon next to the load, which means that clients factoring their invoices through J D Factors can take the load knowing that the load is factorable. As a non-recourse factor, J D Factors also assumes the credit risk on these loads.

Does the lack of an icon indicate poor credit?

Absolutely not! Pre-approved loads simply meet certain predetermined criteria for factoring as defined by J D Factors. The lack of an icon can be due to a number of circumstances, such as the nature of the load, available credit for the load poster, the poster’s willingness to work with a factor, or simply a lack of available credit information at the time the load was posted. Clients of J D Factors receive unlimited free credit checks of all of their accounts, and even if a load doesn’t have an icon, there is a very good chance it may still be factorable.

Loadsurfer and J D Factors urge members to do their homework in all situations. There are many sources of credit information available (including Equifax on Load Surfer) that should be consulted when deciding whether or not to grant credit to a potential business partner. The J D Guarantee is just one of the many benefits of becoming a J D Factors client.

Loadsurfer and J D Factors accept no responsibility for non payments related to loads booked from Load Surfer or elsewhere. Please also note that the J D guarantee does not apply in cases of claims or disputes.