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MillogicielTo be competitive in the trucking industry, companies would constantly need to know which equipment is available at the moment and in the future. Dispatching should be easy in that it can quickly allocate additional loads and empty equipment. As well as providing loads to other companies if there is insufficient amount of equipment in a given area of operation. We provide you instant communication with other companies that could provide you to sell the trip and view their files.

The loads of Millogiciel du Camionnage ™ can be interfaced with external bank of loads using LOAD SURFER, via Internet.

The fleet is the center piece of our company. The fleet is subdivided into groups, which can be classified by numerous characteristics. For example, the fleet can be categorized by geographical location, size, and type.

Moreover, I.F.T.A licenses, registrations, and all permits are kept on file. The dispatch quickly searches fleet and can track which state or province it is serving. It can quickly search different fleets using various search keys.

As soon as a new load is to be carried out , the dispatch records it in the bank of loads with the essential information : name of the customer, pickup time, delivery load address, delivery address, time, dates, hours, weight, requirements (tarps, racks, stands, cooled, B-train, etc.), instructions for the driver, and procedure to respect

Also, the company receives a message regarding the credit status of the customer. A function key enables the individual to consult the quotes for that customer. In addition, it verifies the rates for a given customer or load. This information can also be disclosed if needed to be confidential.

The dispatch screen is displayed into two parts; the available equipment and future loads. Information can be customized view by dates and geographical area.

The system is simple and flexible; the dispatch is effective in finding the necessary information efficiently. The function key makes it possible to change views and consult the driver licences. It displays potential customers near empty equipment with their telephone numbers, the name of the contact, and the rates suggested. It also gives access to mobile phone numbers, residence of the drivers, and subcontractors.

The moment the dispatch assigns a load to a driver, the system gives a trip number which will appear on all documents. The dispatch stores the customer’s trustees, and the driver’s information on the invoice. Millogiciel du Camionnage ™ is fully interfaced with bidirectional communication systems that link with satellites.

The system manages the availability of the drivers by seniority ranking. Each driver can also be verified for log hours and delivery time.

Furthermore, when a mileage software (such PC-MILER) is integrated into Millogiciel du Camionnage ™, the program will automatically update the system and track state to state distances from PC-MILER, which can then be compared to the distance logged onto the trip sheet of the drivers. That data will be available after auditing and is then transferred directly to the IFTA module.

When the pay of the drivers is recorded into the system, the pays are automatically calculated by per mile, per hour, per 100 lbs, or even a percent of the invoice. Additional charges such as insurance fees (which can be issued to the subcontractors) and the non taxable allowances are also calculated.

The cargo insurance can be updated into the system at any time. If the cargo insurance expires or is invalid, it prevents the the driver from collecting the load. Several statistical reports reflect the activity of the customers. Reports can be organized by origin, destination, transported weight, activity of the equipment, the mileage done by the drivers, and etc.

Important: Millogiciel du Cammionage provides multi-criteria searches on all screens throughout the program. It allows you to key in one or more criteria on a given screen. For instance, you can enter, “Montreal”, “48 feet”, “3 axles”, “Empties” on the search key function. And it will screen the database and will provide you with all of the available equipment that meets the criteria of 48 feet, 3 empty axles based in Montreal. The number of search combination is unlimited. This will enable you to run your business more effectively, as it will be easy and fast to find available fleets in a given area

The principal basic modules of Millogiciel of Camionnage are:

The Units available and the Bank of Voyages.
Invoicing, the Clients accounts and Accounts receivable.
Orders input and invoicing (customer service).
Quotes (management of quotations and tenders to the customers).
Accounting by activity.
Accounts payable and the Suppliers accounts.
General ledger.
Repairs (PEP), the inventory of garage.
Satellite communication interface.
Communication with onboard computers.
The Log-book for the follow-up of the hours of service.

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